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About Me

My name is Scott Geisler, currently a teacher-in-training in National Louis University's ELED MAT program.  While I'm not studying or writing for my coursework, I substitute teach in my local school district's elementary and middle schools, gaining as much experience as I can by building relationships with both master teachers and their students. I am eager to start teaching NOW, but alas, I must work toward obtaining my license in 2020. Patience is not my strongest suit; nonetheless, I'm savoring this journey. Thank you for joining me!

My Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is evolving as I write this, and will no doubt continue to evolve both near term and long. However, it will always be rooted in progressive constructivism as it has come to be defined by the foundational cognitive psychology theories of Piaget and Vygotsky, and their application to education, pioneered by such titans as Thomas Dewey and Booker T. Washington. I am also a committed anti-racist ally of people of color, and an ardent believer in educating children to think for themselves at an early age, both critically and creatively. 

My Work

This website exists to document and showcase my gradual evolution as an educator. At this stage of my life, with decades of business experience behind me and having traveled much of this country and the world-at-large, I'm now dedicated to sharing my life experience , perspective, relatively deep knowledge  and extraordinarily deep passion for learning with children of the newest generations of our society.